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Wedding Musician and DJ

Spectacle Enterprises is proud to finally be promoting both a solo act as well as cover bands for your special day.  Having accumulated a broad range of skills and high quality equipment I have built a total wedding reception entertainment package including live music, DJing, PA and  lighting.  With an excellent understanding of wedding procedures and rituals, a passion for music and its multifaceted nature,  and an empathy for the stress and strain that the wedding lead-up can cause a potential bride, I have fast become a popular choice throughout Perth, Fremantle, Mandurah and the South-West.

The majority of the forty-or-so weddings I have performed as a solo act and DJ, and I treat the occasion with the respect it imressionistdancedeserves.  Having performed at my first weddings from the age of 18 for friends and family, I spent many years improving my skills and equipment to a level I deemed  satisfactory for such a significant occasion.  Having never advertised, I have played about thirty weddings in the last six years, being booked solely through word-of-mouth  or clients seeing me at a corporate shows, cafes or pub throughout WAs .  Most weddings have been booked after an engaged couple see me at a wedding of one of their friends or family.  This has snowballed and I am booking about five weddings each year, usually between six and twelve months in advance.

I offer a very competitive  price compared to most professional wedding entertainers in Western Australia without compromising quality.  I try and offer the  highest standard of both equipment and entertainment, comparable to those in a higher price bracket, while respecting  the budget of my clients  Additionally I offer band services (Desert Bells, 4 or 5-piece) utilising some of Perth’s most reputed cover band musicians.  The larger-scale production of a full band is not for everyone and requires the venue to have adequate space and incurs a larger fee.  That being said – if you and you’re partner are a fan of live music and want something extra special to get people grooving – this may be the option for you.

Most important to note is that my eccentricity is reined in at weddings.  I am nicely presented and usually play low-key tunes and love songs in the early part of the night.  If the wedding party are after something more exotic or want an extended show with some upbeat classics and sing-alongs I’m happy to oblige as the night progresses.  Otherwise I like to DJ the night with an understanding of the people within the room and try and play a range of music that will ensure all age groups will get their boogie on by the end of the night.

Below I’ve put a link with a more in depth explanation of what I provide as a wedding singer/DJ and the approach I take to make your day very special.  There’s a lot there but hopefully it will give you an understanding of my style and thoughts on the wedding music process and the different considerations you may need to think about when choosing your wedding music..

Wedding info

I’ve also included three references that were passed on to agents I have used in the past and one that was posted on this site last year.  They come from  two wedding, a corporate solo show and corporate band performance with my previous band Dirty Blonde.  .

Hi Felix,
Everything went really well, it was a beautiful day. Brad Jenkins was awesome; he really was very entertaining and has a beautiful voice. A lot of our guests made comments that he was great and we would definitely recommend him to anyone. Could you please pass on our thanks to Brad.
Kind Regards
Wendy and Ben (bride and groom)enter

Hi Felix,

Brad was great. He knew exactly what we wanted and his range of music went down well with the guests. I would definitely recommend him to any other function who wants a nice relaxed atmosphere as well as something a bit more upbeat.
He was a great performer!!!


Sarah Douglas
General Administrator WA
Corporate Dinner, Kone Cranes

You were awesome Brad! Totally recommend you to anyone who wants a wedding singer! Played all our guests music requests during the night and rocked! Thanks A million!

Jo Langley (bride)



Hi Betty,
Just letting you know the band were awesome last night!!
Best band we have had play up here, they attracted quite a crowd and everyone had a great time (some of us are talking a bit hoarse this morning from all the singing).
I think the social club would like to get them back up here for a function they are holding in April – can you tell me the band’s availability for that month?
Look forward to seeing them again.


Feel free to contact me with any question either by phone, email or the contact sheet attached.  I’m happy to help out with any questions you have either about my services, the corporate band, or just some general advice regarding your wedding.

= Brad Jenkins
0422 182 807

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