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Spectacle presents….Benj Bernal

I’ve had this zany scheme of recording and videoing some of my favourite local musicians for a while now and managed to rope in a good friend, Benj Bernal, as my guinea pig.


Benj plays around Perth and the south-west of Western Australia and has always impressed me with his beautiful voice and ability to perform cruisey acoustic music with his magnetic ease.  I have a great respect for how he plays and love his varied selection of cover songs.  The fact that his performance style is so different to mine excites me even more and I feel like I’ve learnt a couple of things from him over the last year or two.

So I got him around my house along with talented videographer Amanda Oliver  from Highlight Life Video (link below), set up a couple of microphones and cameras and told him to do his thing.


I was particularly stoked that he chose a song from one of my favourite bands to cover.  Amanda did a great job on the project, filming and editing as a favour for me.  She’s building her portfolio and is already an accomplished photographer and videographer – an excellent choice for your weddings as she has a stack of experience, a terrific
eye for photos, and is great with people.

So enough waffle.  Here’s Ben playing Radiohead’s ‘House of Cards.’  Check him out live if you get the chance and feel free to swoon.  He’s available for weddings and private shows – get in touch with him on facebook or contact me and I’ll put you in the right direction.



Wedding musician/singer for Exmouth, Coral Bay, Geraldton, Kalbarri and Monkey Mia

I think the title explains it pretty well. Having performed and DJd at five weddings in the last few months, still without advertising, I’ve decided to offer my services for weddings in the regional areas I once trekked.  I’m going to need to give a few calls to let wedding planners and venues know but I’ve decided that I may as well bring my honed skills and wealth of equipment to the people that supported me for so many years.

Now I’m sure there are already wedding musicians and DJs in this area but I like to think I have an excellent product that I can take on the road, and I believe that people should be given an option on who they hire for their big day.  I’ve often found in my travels that regional people don’t always get the best of entertainment and I’d like to offer something fresh and special, professional and reliable, instead of what may be sold to potential clients or simply what they are led to believe is available for that area.

So, Spectacle Wedding Services is  throwing down; love to hear from folk if they are interested in what I have to offer for their big day.

= Brad


0422 182 807


Bould – Everyday (feat. Spectacle)

Bould - Everyday (feat. Spectacle)

Hi guys, exciting news!! My first collaboration piece with newcomer producer ‘Bould’ has finally arrived!!! It won’t be to everyone’s taste but definitely more in the direction I want to be taking my music.
Don’t panic, you’ll still be able to see me strumming my guitars and crooning for you around town but there will be a lot more electronica starting to come out of my lab. Original Spectacle music is always what it has been about and I can’t wait to start wheeling out some new tunes for you.

Available through iTunes, Google Play, Shazam, CDbaby