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Spectacle Wedding Review

G’day Everybody,

Well Coral Bay wedding season has kicked off with a bang.  After being off the road for such a long time I headed out for three weeks on the road to play and DJ two weddings in Coral Bay in late March/early April.IMG_9285

We were incredibly fortunate to miss the final cyclone of the season and had beautiful weather for both weddings.

The first was a small wedding of thirty guests with an Irish flavour.  Nice people who were very welcoming to me.  The small wedding party started slow but I was stoked to have enough Irish material (as well as my usual tunes and their requests) to finish the night with some manic highland flinging.  The Father of the Bride also sang two Frank Sinatra songs a cappella which were a definite highlight and floored the whole wedding party.

Thanks and good luck to Dave and Elaine, I’m sure I’ll bump into you again if I ever head back through Newman and the WA interior or, more likely, you’ll see me trying not to look like the palest guy in Coral Bay.

Thank you so much for IMG_9325being apart of our special day, everything was perfect.
You were absolutely amazing on the day, you played exactly what we wanted and all of our guests have mentioned you and how brilliant you were.



A week later after a round trip to Geraldton began the second wedding.  The immaculate decoration of the beachfront marquee was bewildering, especially the effort and forethought to create the atmosphere in such an out-of-the-way place as Coral Bay.  This was more of a contemporary country theme with an abundance of white decorations set off with the most beautiful native floral centerpieces I have ever seen.photo 1

You can check out the florist and decorators’ site at


The wedding party of about 85 had come from all over WA (and further) and embraced the combination of wheatbelt Aussie fair with some specially chosen Afrikaans moments to celebrate the bride’s heritage.  It turned out to be a really fun night with some epic African/Aussie dancing and singalongs.  Again, thanks to Lauren and Clint for a spectacular night.

Thank you for going all the way up there for us! I can’t tell you the relief I felt when you said you would do it after that initial phone call to you 🙂


You did an awesome job and for such a reasonable cost considering you travelled all the way from mandurah! We consider ourselves very lucky! I reckon you could ask for $500 more for coral bay weddings


Of course for us everything was just perfect, so many ppl complimented us on the whole setup including the music. My sister is getting married in January down in Dunsborough and I think they will start looking into entertainment soonish, and she was very impressed with your live performances, so you nevphoto 3(1)er know…..you may asked to do another Bosch wedding 🙂


Thanks for putting up with our indecisiveness and the amount of songs requested! You produced the perfect mix and we especially enjoyed the South Africa vs Australia theme/dance offs – it was so much fun! And very much what we were going for as the intertwining theme for our wedding. I hope you liked johnny clegg as much as I do – he’s a bit of a legend!  –  Lauren


So it was a long three weeks on the road with some great moments, some fun gigs and a gaggle of great people who I love to meet along the way and keep a one-man-band entertained.  The folk at the Ningaloo Reef Resort did an outstanding job organising the weddings and I look forward to seeing the peeps of Coral Bay again next week for my next wedding in one of my favourite places.


= Brad
The Wedding Singer



Wedding musician/singer for Exmouth, Coral Bay, Geraldton, Kalbarri and Monkey Mia

I think the title explains it pretty well. Having performed and DJd at five weddings in the last few months, still without advertising, I’ve decided to offer my services for weddings in the regional areas I once trekked.  I’m going to need to give a few calls to let wedding planners and venues know but I’ve decided that I may as well bring my honed skills and wealth of equipment to the people that supported me for so many years.

Now I’m sure there are already wedding musicians and DJs in this area but I like to think I have an excellent product that I can take on the road, and I believe that people should be given an option on who they hire for their big day.  I’ve often found in my travels that regional people don’t always get the best of entertainment and I’d like to offer something fresh and special, professional and reliable, instead of what may be sold to potential clients or simply what they are led to believe is available for that area.

So, Spectacle Wedding Services is  throwing down; love to hear from folk if they are interested in what I have to offer for their big day.

= Brad


0422 182 807