Pop music for the disenfranchised

Musical Picks for 2014

As another year slips through our fingers  I thought I’d give a little retrospective musical summation of my own.


Often people who see my live show or hear me at a wedding will ask what kind of music I’m into.  Usually it’s a very long-winded answer that I can’t be bothered getting into.  The music I play or DJ is often a far cry from what I choose to listen to.  So to address those who are constantly trying to delve into the Spectacle musical psyche I’ve decided to give you a little tasting platter of my 2014.  My tastes are pretty mainstream and I consider myself a lover of pop music albeit a little perverted.

You may discover something new that you like and, more likely, may find some of these choices rather distasteful.  Both reactions are great, feel free to let me know some of your favourite new music.  With a busy schedule  I have finite time to be listening to as much as I’d like but love hearing fresh sounds and finding out what has been  twisting your nipples!

Oh and there are some naughty words and themes below to be avoided if you’re squeamish.  They are just words though – take a chance.


FKA Twigs:  With her first LP entitled ‘LP’  Twigsy has allowed us into her mesmerising  and twitchy world.  Every element of music is  considered with a voice that is obscenely sensual.  ‘Papi Pacify’ is off a 2013 EP but this hit me very hard as the first song I’d heard and is  complimented by a brutal yet fascinating filmclip.

Future Islands

Had heard this song numerous times before seeing the performance on Letterman.  It truly is a great moment in music and leaves me speechless everytime.  Make of it what you will.


With his work as part of Major Lazer piquing my interest, Diplo has hurled himself into my mindset as the man at the forefront of electronic musical culture.  Dependent on my mood, this music can exhilerate me no end…or exhaust me and make me want to put on a Norah Jones best of album.  He seems to have an overabundance of creative energy and a awe inspiring sonic presence.  Crank this.


Meg Mac

Meg’s first song ‘Every Lie’ came to prominence through Triple J’s unearthed and within a year she has proven herself as a noteworthy addition to the Australian musical scene.  This Bill Withers cover cemented it for me, with a great electro underpinning for her towering soul voice.  She has a true ‘x -factor’ and I find her deeply interesting – she is going to be a huge star in Australia and I can’t wait to see where she goes next.



Skrillex was hurtled into prominence as the archetype of the Dubstep scene a few years ago.  Thankfully the genre devoured itself and fizzled out at about the same time that most of the public had discovered the rather confronting style of music.  I thought it was a real sign of our times that the first Skrillex album, from the dude who was the face of one of the most defined new sub-genres of music of the last decades, came out after the genre that he was spearheading was already dead.  Are our attention spans that short or was it a flash-in-the-pan?  Anyway I love this song that steers away from dubstep and shows him off as an amazing producer with a good head for melody and songwriting.


Lana Del Ray

Love her or hate her, Lana is back to make you smoulder.  I love this song with the erratic drum fill, sleazy alt-rock production, multilayered vocal melodies and chorus(?) tempo change.  Lana is arrogant and sexy – my kind of pop diva.


Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin’s new album was always going to be overhyped after waiting a decade or so for release.  He is one of the most influential musicians of the electronic generation and was making enviable sounds twenty years ago without the ease of a macbook pro and ubiquitous DAWs available to every man and his dog.  He may no longer be the game changer he once was but I’ve enjoyed my moments with this rather subtle offering – great before bed or while you’re doing some facebooking or other such nonsense.



Vic Mensa

What’s to say?  I love singing along to this song even though I only know about ten words.  Makes me smile, makes me sing, makes me dance – what more do you want?



Lyrically my favourite song of the year.  So punky, so heartfelt.  Some lines are so specific and honest, others poignant in their metaphoricalness.  A searing inner-monologue from the jilted.  I like to think everyone has their own mental picture of this coarse 3-way relationship



Uptown Funk

DJ and super-producer Mark Ronson is back with his horns and featuring Bruno Mars  effortlessly inhabiting the funk.  If the slap-bass doesn’t make you move we simply simply can’t be friends.


Run The Jewels

I’ve just scratched the surface of this  new album by Run The Jewels but was immediately impacted by the heavy-handed production and gravity of the lyrics.  With Aussie hip-hop trending towards juvenilistic bubblegum, it’s great to hear some American hip-hop with unmitigated aggression, unexpected musical scapes and going beyond the vapid reverence for $$$s and hoes.


It’s Summertime

….the greatest pop song of the past twelve months.  Finally I can sing this at people and it will be appropriate in the Southern Hemisphere.


I’ve got a few days off over Xmas in which I’m looking forward to immersing myself in some Caribou and Flying Lotus.  Have a great Xmas and New Year everybody.


xxx = S p ectacLe

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