Pop music for the disenfranchised

The Desert Bells

Hi all,

Many of you are probably wondering where I’ve disappeared to over the last few months.

I guess for all my regional fans I’m afraid that my touring regimen of the WA outback has finally slowed to a halt and at this stage I can’t really say when the next time I’ll be able to visit with you.  Needless to say that the next time I come back will be with an exciting new show for you with some new music and gizmos to wow you.

Ben Elphick and Steve Judd at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow

Ben Elphick and Steve Judd at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow

At the moment my new cover band, ‘The Desert Bells’ is laying the groundwork in Perth and I strongly believe that we will become a highly sought after act in Perth’s pubs and at the corporate level.  Myself and amazing guitarist/vocalist Ben Elphick are forming the core group with various drummers and bass players rotating through as we play a couple of residencies, corporate shows and high profile Perth pubs.  The musicians playing with us are some of the best and respected in the state and I dare say in the country – it’s just a matter of time now for us to settle the line-up, get a bit of notoriety, and conquer.


Check out and ‘like’ the new facebook page for ‘The Desert Bells’ – just put it on fb before I posted this – pretty barren at the moment but it should grow very quickly as we gig each weekend. (Thanks to Amanda Oliver for the pics the other night)

Love to see you at a show as our repertoire and cohesion grows – I can guarantee it will be quite epic once we get going.

= Speak soon.


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