Pop music for the disenfranchised

Tropfest scores

Hi gang.

Last year I discovered a fantastic Australian competition in which people are asked to score a short movie for Aussie film-festival ‘Tropfest.’

It was my first time trying anything of this nature and needless to say I didn’t come close to winning.  At the same time I enjoyed the challenge of making music to pictures and having a deadline, and it gave me a project for the time that I was moving house and re-setting up my primitive studio.

I think I did a ‘good’ job, nothing spectacular but I’ve posted it here for you to have a listen.

Unfortunately, you can’t see the visuals for legal reasons however check out the 3 finalists here


Most certainly the winner Ben Allen has a great career in production ahead and I thought his score was excellent and a deserving champion.
Now a year on the comp is on again, and I’ve just moved – again – and set-up my studio –  again.  Got a month to have a crack at a new film – let’s see what I can conjure.

xxx =Bould

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