Pop music for the disenfranchised


Well hello there,

Long time no blog.

The Spectacle roadtrain has been furiously criss-crossing WA in the pursuit of cash in the dry season in the north of the state.

Last couple of months have been brutal having travelled over 15000 kilometres (less miles) and I must admit I am mentally and physically exhausted.  Throw in blown speakers, vehicle failures and overly worn and Pilbarra-reddened sneakers and I’ve come to the conclusion that I will be winding down these long-distance solo tours.

I’m very much appreciative to the venues and audiences who have given me the mandate to do this job over the years and you have kept me buoyed in some of the hardships I’ve been facing.  I like to think I have fulfilled my goal of delivering a higher standard of entertainment than often you are subjected to, and to treat my audiences with a bit more musical respect than some of my contemporaries do.

I’m certain I’ll be visiting your far-flung regions again however less frequently than I have been in the past (you can’t get rid of me that easy).   I’m hoping to spend more time at home to focus on building my reputation in Perth and working on my music production and songwriting.  This means that when I do come back I’ll be fresher and delivering you an even bigger and better Spectacle experience, perhaps even with some of my esteemed muso buddies coming along to dazzle you.

Additionally I will have a bit more time to put some mind-blowing tidbits on this here blog for your amusement.

Am sure will see you all soon, hold your collective breaths.

= S p E C t aC L e


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