Pop music for the disenfranchised

Music video

Alright, nothing new for me to post but have spent last week creating a music score for Australian short-film festival tropfest.  A 3 minute short-film comp that I had my first attempt at creating music for with absolutely no guidance – and quite possibly no clue.


Can’t show you what I did for legal reasons but instead thought I’d put up links for 3 of my favourite filmclips.

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

One of the world’s true musical geniuses with music that is incomprehensible to us mere mortals.  Teamed up with director Chris Cunningham (also check out Aphex Twin – Windowlicker) and filmclips with Squarepusher, Madonna, Bjork and more) this dude has pushed the boundaries of experimental cross-genre electronica ..  and he’s at Future Music Fest.

Next we have Laurie Andersen – so memorable seeing this (as above) on Rage for the first time.  Wicked song, poignant lyrics, a woman after my heart.

hmmm, and to finish off let’s go with this one…

45 million views – it must be good.

Now it’s your turn, inform us what you’re favourite clips are.  My internet is painfully slow but I am ever so curious to be enlightened.


= SpecTACLeeeeeeeee



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