Pop music for the disenfranchised

Happy New Year

Hi all,

Just moved into my new apartment in Inglewood and plan on secluding myself to work on my production skills over the coming months.  Got some new hard and software and am hoping my new surroundings will supply some inspiration to build on some old tunes, complete a couple of projects and begin a some new material.

To tide you over I thought I’d give a little Xmas challenge to all budding guitarists out there.  Have put a tab (tablature for the uninitiated) for a short guitar ditty I (ostensibly) finished recently entitled ‘Mesmer’ after one my favourite 18th century scientists/weirdos/perverts.  The riff sits somewhere between Grieg’s ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ and Panteras’ ‘Cowboys From Hell.’

There’s no info about tempo, timing etc but the idea is to play it as quickly as your fingers will allow in (mostly) 16th notes – makes for a great ‘pinky’ finger exercise.

Will record a version soon for you to hear and am encouraging some guitarist friends to learn and improvise the tune in their own style.  Learn it and play it for me next time you see me on my travels – good luck.

And for those not instrumentally proficient I thought I’d regurgitate an old poem from the vault that I tweeked recently called ‘The Switch.’

As always, am happy to hear some feedback and happy to receive any of your artistic contributions requests on where you’d like this site to be going.

Maybe next time some photos, stories, music demos?

Who knows?

= specTacle

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