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The Wedding Singer

Well, in the last month I’ve played/DJed 2 weddings with another couple lined up in the New Year – I have become the wedding singer.  Not too bad a lifestyle getting to encourage people to drink, dance and get soppy and usually a good deal of cake to be eaten if one is so inclined. 

The first was Mike and Tatjana’s wedding at the Mount Lawley Golf Course.  Despite their planning the rain was insistant during the ceremony but cleared up as the night wore on to reveal a beautiful Perth city skyline.  Tatjana’s brother spoke and toasted on the projector screen via Skype, most impressive dressed in a suit and with glass of sparkling wine despite the bleery-eyes and early hour of wherever he was phoning in from.

Certainly though, the highlight of the night was the beautiful bride Tatjana and her cousin performing a Croatian dance (left) and the finale of proceedings consisting of groom Mike performing ‘The Worm’ to ‘Kung-Foo Fighting.’  Fantastic.





2 weeks later was a wedding beside the Mandurah sea-shore for Jo and Marcus.

  Lovely ceremony with some friendly folk and funny speeches – one of the   groomsman giving the ‘wolf-pack’ speech from The Hangover was priceless.  Also brilliant to see Groom Marcus rocking out with best-man to some ‘Warrant.’  Bobble-head bride and groom on the cake, extravagant lolly selection and Marcus giving an ode to VB during his speech – terrific mix of old school Mandurah charm with elegant food, service and setting.






Can’t wait for the next wedding to see what’s in stall…

= SpectACLe

One response

  1. Jo Langley

    You were awesome Brad! Totally recommend you to anyone who wants a wedding singer! Played all our guests music requests during the night and rocked! Thanks A million!

    February 1, 2012 at 7:47 am

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