Pop music for the disenfranchised

Melbourne and The Watsontreters

So at the moment I am nested in a cosy little town called ‘Warragul’ in the hilly Gippsland region an hour out of Melbourne.  I’ve absconded from WA to get some inspiration, work on some projects (such as this spanking new website) and try get some gigs over here to open up new territories for me to play my shows to a more discerning audience.

I am residing with my good friends Luke and Stacey who have given me a room in the home they designed and are allowing me to get around beat-boxing, strumming and dancing in ludicrous ways for my own amusement.

Luke Watson is one of the country’s foremost caricature artists, comicstrippers, designers, and downright weirdos.  We have collaborated on a few things over the years, generally culminating in trying to make each other laugh with the most offensive jokes we can conjur.

Right is a pic he did of me many years ago while he was still finding his feet in his field.
He says he enjoys caricaturing me as my face lends itself to ridiculousness and requires little exaggeration.  Insult or compliment I’m still not sure.

I’ve included a couple of pics from ‘Swizzlestick’, from a few years ago, a photo based comicstrip Luke and I created to fill our spare time.  Hopefully will get a gallery going for this soon for those who haven’t seen it – and maybe even  try get some new ideas so you can keep up with ‘Eric’s’ antics.

…..And finally…. here’s a more recent caricature of Sartre, digitally drawn – a relatively new artform that he is spearheading in the Australian art community.  Check out his blog to see the depth and variety of his recent ventures at http://www.lukewatsons.blogspot.com/ 

Now, since I’ve been here I’ve written a new song on my acoustic. It’s all real instruments done in the lounge and bedroom with dodgy equipment, thrown together to create this little ditty. Hope you dig it!

That’s it for new, pop in over the next few weeks for some new gear.

xxx = SpecTACLe

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